Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection refers to the construction of the building with fire resistant materials and in such a way as to prevent the occurence of a fire or in the event of its initation, to limit its spread and to have the necessary escape routes.


It is applied on metal constructions with thermo-expandable coatings and on concrete surfaces with fire protection mortar.

Anti-corrosion Protection

Applied to protect surfaces of steel and concrete structures against internal and external environmental conditions. The final result is highly mechanically and chemically resistant in weather conditions and ultraviolet radiation.




Passive Fire Protection with Anti-corrosion Protection

Protection of steel structures against fire and anti-corrosion categories C3 up to C5M according ISO 12944 part.2. The complex system forms a flexible and mechanically robust coating which is resistant to: fire, damp, condensed water, atmospheric factors offering an excellent cosmetic result.


Antifouling paint (Antigraffiti)

Paint coat applied in public places to prevent visual pollution interventions such as graffiti and posters. The coat is resistant in mechanical and weather fatigue as well as in severe weather conditions. It also ensures sufficient water repellent results and fully protects the concrete surfaces towards carbonation.

Industrial Flooring

(Epoxy polyurethane elastic conductive antistatic)

Coats on mineral floor surfaces with high chemical and mechanical specifications, indoor and outdoor. The resulting sound absorption, the slip resistance, the hardness of the floor and the ease of maintenance and cleaning make industrial floors ideal for hospitals, garage, commercial kitchens, industrial areas, garages, warehouses etc.

Αiming at a comprehensive partnership, our company is able to provide you with the following services

Consult for choosing the right paint system

Calculation Designs to select the most competitive solution

Surface preparation with simple cleaning or sandblasting, jetting where needed

Full technical support on the project site

Maintenance of the applied paint systems

Inspections and reports after the end of the project